Fight Dry Mouth with Saliwell Dry Mouth Solutions

Saliwell Dry Mouth Solutions

Before there were Saliwell Dry Mouth Solutions, there were prescription medications and alcohol-free mouthwashes for dry mouth sufferers. There were also suggestions for these patients. They were told to chew sugarless gum or eat hard, sugar-free candies. They were told to keep from breathing with their mouths open and to drink lots of water.

Anyone who suffers extreme dry mouth knows that these offer temporary relief at best. Usually, they leave the sufferer to endure more of the same symptoms over and over. Now, there is a way to fight dry mouth for good. The answer is Saliwell dry mouth solutions.

Effective, Precise Treatment from Saliwell

What are these solutions and who is Saliwell? These solutions are found in the form of a small device that fits inside the mouth. It is just like a tooth-whitening tray, but it has electrodes attached to it.

These electrodes deliver a small electrical current to the salivary glands. When the current meets the glands, they are stimulated and will produce saliva. The result is no more dry mouth!

The device is safe to use. You will not feel the electrical impulses because they are microscopic in nature. The device is a one-size-fits-all mechanism but if, after using it a few times you feel any discomfort you will want to talk to your dentist right away.

Your dentist can give you the first treatment using the device and a small remote. The device rests in your mouth, and the treatment takes about 25 minutes. You can also bring it home and use it yourself. You can break the treatments up into a few five-minute sessions a day.

A few sessions are all it takes to get the results you want. Most people experience about 20 percent more saliva after the first use. A few months after using it, you should get total relief if not at least 40 percent more relief.

You don’t have to keep struggling with dry mouth symptoms. You can fight them with the help of a Saliwell device. No one can see how you are struggling on the outside. Inside, the struggle is real. Get your life back. Get rid of dry mouth symptoms for good with regular use of your own Saliwell appliance.

Contact a Saliwell certified dentist today for more information or to book a consultation. These professionals are qualified to consult patients on special Saliwell treatments and devices. Call Dr. Leor Lindner.